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Allow me to introduce “Craftego” to you. This blog will serve as a newsletter for my online craft shop.  I opened it in March of this year, 2012.  My inspiration came from the compliments and requests for the beaded jewelry I make. So that is what I have in my shop at this moment, 49 gorgeous items, ranging from 1$-70$.
I have American Flags available for sale in the “made to order” section. Most items in this section will be theme related. The other items are unique in that I design things as I make them. I believe any art should be shared and it is entirely possible for somebody to make something similar to what I have made. To me, art is like cooking, as cooking is an art. I create all my art the same. I first visualize it, and then create as I go, sometimes adding a spice that wasn’t in the original plan. However, I haven’t learned how to write down my recipes. The closest I get to planning is sometimes I use graph paper to get an idea of how it will look and to serve as a counting guide.
Besides jewelry, my plan is to sell items made from clay, wood, and paper mache.  I also hope to be able to commit to, gather enough supplies and income, to justify getting a booth somewhere. My goal is to accomplish each of those things within the next year. For example, one of my Etsy teams, the SoCal Etsy Guild, works together to set up once a month in Los Angeles. I included the event details below because it is a great place to buy unique, handmade or vintage items from hard working business owners, like myself. With the support of my two awesome men, my son and my husband, Craftego is going to become a part of this event.  I would like to find a group in the bay area doing this too, preferably in the east bay.
If you know of an event in your area (where ever that may be), send me the information as I will do my best to include the information in my shop links section.
Anyway, this is probably going to be one of the longest newsletters I will write. I know you are busy and I will do my best to keep Craftego’s newsletters, short, sweet, fun, and informative. Give it a chance. You can follow by email if you don’t have a google account. It’s easy. Your email is not shared, for that matter, I never even see it. Google automates it to protect us both.  And if you decide it’s not for you, simply unsubscribe at any time. Thanks for your time.
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 October 17, 2012             Never give up!

SoCal Crafted @ the OCP Marketplace
Saturday October 20, 2012
9am to 6pm
Olympic Central Plaza Marketplace
1238 E. Olympic Blvd 
Los Angeles, CA 90021